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You Should Only Hire Professional Painters: Here’s Why

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According to Gitnux, the worldwide home improvement market is predicted to reach a value of more than $1 trillion by 2027. One of the best ways to improve your home design is to add a fresh coat of paint. While you may be tempted to paint your own home, hiring professionals is a much wiser choice. Here’s why you should always leave home painting projects to the pros.

Professional Experience Counts

The best professional painters have been on the job for a long time. They’ll know the best combination of product, technique, and technology to create good results every time they work on a home. A professional painter is both an artist and a craftsman and takes pride in their work.

Professionals Know Their Product

Professionals know there are more kinds of paint than you could dream of. They’ll put that knowledge to use to choose the best possible product and create a long-lasting, tough wall covering that will last for years to come.

Professionals Know Colors

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a difference between “eggshell” and “off-white,” you’ll definitely want a professional painter handling your paint. There’s a nearly infinite palette of colors, and non-professionals can become confused or lost in handling them. A professional can turn your project into a perfect reality by finding the exact shade of paint you’re dreaming of.

DIY Takes Too Much Time

Home painting jobs take a lot of time. You have to put down your own drop cloths and protection, get ready to paint, and then paint every inch of a wall. Without years of experience and training, you won’t be able to get this work done quickly and efficiently. You’ll likely spend at least twice as long as a professional would to paint your home.

Professionals Are Prepared

A reliable professional in any field will be familiar with the Five P’s: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. DIY painters will often make mistakes that require the job to be redone. Professional painters bring drop cloths to protect your floor and furniture and will make sure that they have a perfect coat of paint the first time.

If you’re in need of expert professional painters to work on your home, contact the Oregon Painting Company today. Our team has the skills and experience to get the job done right and provide you with stunning results. We look forward to working with you!

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