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How the Color of a Room Affects Its Mood

Now that the New Year has begun, you may be looking for ways to enhance your home and make it feel more inviting. When painting the inside of a house, you have to consider more than just the look of the color. You should also think about how you want to feel and the impression you want to make. After all, color theory is real and can evoke feelings from excitement to sleepiness. Read on to learn more about how paint color can affect the mood of a room.


According to the Online Psychology Degree Guide, color accounts for 62% to 90% of a first impression. Most people want others to feel as welcome as possible when they step inside their house. After all, if you have people over for a gathering or friendly chat, you don’t want them to feel intimidated. To help them feel as happy and cheerful as possible, consider colors like pink, orange, or yellow. When people see yellow, they may be reminded of the color that often symbolizes friendship, particularly in flowers.

These lightly bright colors help to stimulate the brain and can increase energy levels. If you don’t want these colors used throughout every interior room, use them for the spaces where you’re more than likely to entertain, such as your kitchen and living room. If you have a guest bedroom for overnight guests and relatives, you can also paint that room and use colors to enhance their welcome.


Your home is your sanctuary, so you should always feel as relaxed as possible, whether you’re by yourself or have a room full of people. If you tend to have a very busy life, you may need help calming down when you get home. To create a more soothing environment that can help give you the piece that you need, choose cool or muted colors like purples, blues, or greens. Once you step inside a room with these colored walls, you’ll easily have a sense of peace and harmony. If you practice meditation or yoga, these colors are perfect to decorate a room in, as they give you the relaxation that you need.

The relaxing quality of blue may be why baby blue is such a popular color for bathrooms. According to Forbes, a baby blue bathroom can get you as much as an additional $5,000 on your estimated home value upon resale. Therefore, if you want your master bathroom to be the relaxing Oasis it should be, you should have home interior painters use such a color.


Are there certain rooms in your home that feel a little more confining than they should be? You can immediately create a sense of space by repainting those walls over in white or off-white. White walls can create a sense of openness and airiness that can be useful in a small space. It’s particularly effective in small kitchens where people want to move around more freely. When you have larger windows, the sunlight will come in and beautifully reflect off of your white walls to give an even greater sense of heavenly appeal and cleanliness.

However, you don’t only have to use one form of white to have this effect. You may prefer an off-white or even a very bright yellow, which can also create an open effect. Another advantage of using white or off-white to create a sense of openness is it can also match with any other color. Whatever furniture or accessory you add in that space, it will go with the white walls and it won’t impede your sense of openness as long as you don’t clutter things up.


Painting the inside of a house can breed excitement in many ways. If you haven’t upgraded your interior walls in years, you may be over the moon with the new colors and decor. You may finally get to incorporate your favorite color if you like. However, you can add to that feeling of excitement with the type of colors you choose. With the use of bold colors like red, orange, or hot pink, it’s easy to add more personality and drama to any space. You can create even more drama and excitement by using contrasting colors such as red and black or red and white.

If you don’t want an entire room done over in a bright orange or red, that’s not a problem. Your interior painters can always create an accent wall with the intense color of your choosing. They can contrast a bright wall against other neutral walls painted in white or gray. You can also use bold colors as trimming instead of the main surface.

Bold colors can also create a sense of excitement in terms of in your stomach. After all, bright colors like reds, oranges, and yellows are often used by fast food companies so people will buy more food. These colors will psychologically make you feel more hungry, so you may want to use them if you’re somebody who loves to cook and entertain. You’ll encourage people to eat as much as possible with the use of bold colors in your kitchen or any area while you’re likely to entertain and serve food.


As you get older, you may want to add more sophistication to your home. Dark and rich colors like Navy blue, chocolate, burgundy, black, and various types of grays are often used to show more elegance and sophistication. Many people use them to create a sense of luxury and depth throughout a room. These colors are effective at making any space look stylish and modern, so people often use them in a dining room or the library.

Are you one of the many Americans who are working from home or running their own business? If so, you may want your home office painted in such color to exude it’s your space for work. If the rest of the home is painted in cheery or neutral colors, setting aside your workspace with a more elegant and sophisticated field can provide the ambiance that you need.


While certain rooms call for more openness, especially a kitchen or living room, there are other times when you want to create more of a sense of intimacy. If you want a space that’s more cozy and romantic, consider soft, warm colors like coral or peach. Because lavender is a shade of purple and is very relaxing, it can also help to add a sense of intimacy and coziness. Consider these colors in a place where you want to be more intimate with your partner, such as your bedroom or fireplace. Once the rooms are painted in such colors, it’ll be easy to envision where you two can have romantic dinners and fireside chats together.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when you begin the process of painting the inside of a house. If you’re unsure what color is right for the mood you want to set, you’ll get more information during your consultation with your home painters. They’ll go over everything when it comes to colors, moods and what can work best in your home. Whether you want a more relaxing space or a more bold and invigorating one, your professional interior painting team can help. Contact The Oregon Painting Company today for a consultation.

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