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Here’s How to Refresh Your Dining Room

painting the inside of a house

As a homeowner, you may have been living in your space for a number of years. This can lead to you feeling bored or dissatisfied with the look and feel of your home. If you eat dinner in the dining room every night, you may be wondering how to refresh the aesthetic and bring it back to life. Use these tips to help you upgrade your dining room.

Get New Paint on the Walls

According to House Grail, 88% of people stated that they had a greater desire to stay at home after updating the paint in a room. Spending time at home, especially in the dining room, enjoying meals with loved ones, can be incredibly meaningful and special. That’s why you want to ensure the space reflects the great memories you’re making there. When it comes to painting the inside of a house, professionals can help you make the best stylistic choices. Opting for classic and classy colors can help you give the room a timeless feel. If you’re not sure what would look best, ask the pros for recommendations!

Update the Trim

Similarly to painting your walls, simply updating the trim to a unique or trendy color can make your dining room feel brand new. Consider opting for a unique pop of color such as green, blue, or purple to bring regal jewel tones into your dining space. This is a simple way to switch up the energy of the room.

Rearrange the Room

Is your dining room table located in the middle of the room? Do you have a China cabinet? Regardless of how you’ve chosen to organize your space in the past, rearranging the dining room is a great way to make it feel new again. Simply putting the table in the corner or changing the location of the wall decor can refresh the room in no time at all. Furthermore, changing out the decor each season can help you fight the feeling of boredom.

If you’ve been thinking about refreshing your dining room, there are multiple amazing ways to upgrade the energy in your home in no time! Get in touch with our experts at The Oregon Painting Company today to learn more about how our team can help you get the dining room you want. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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