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Choosing the Perfect Colors for Your Home’s Bedrooms

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Updating your home’s bedrooms with a new coat of paint is an effective way to keep your home’s interior design up to date. According to Open Door, the return on investment that results from painting your home’s interior is 107%. Now that you’ve decided to undertake this project, the next step is to choose the paint colors. Residential painting experts can help you with your paint selection. Don’t hesitate to turn to them for insight and information. There are a number of factors to consider when making this choice, and today we’ll review some of them.

Paint color has a significant impact on the look and feel of any room, so you want to take the time to choose the right color. Bedrooms are a personal space, and many people choose one of their favorite colors for their rooms. Let’s take a closer look at how to choose the perfect colors for the bedrooms in your home.

Whose Room Is It?

There are many differences in choosing paint colors for children’s bedrooms compared with adults. Kids in high school will likely use their rooms for homework, studying, and hanging out with friends. Most adults only use their bedrooms for sleeping. The way the rooms are used will have an effect on the right color for it. Take some time to consider how much time will be spent in the room.

Calm, cool colors are ideal for bedrooms where not a lot besides sleeping is happening. This will create a relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect for recharging. Take some time to review the rooms that you’re going to paint and what their primary uses are. Residential painting is an ideal way to create exactly the feeling you want for each individual room. Kids’ rooms can reflect their personalities, and choosing a color is something that they can be involved with too. Bedrooms are a very part of the home, and it’s important that they be painted in colors that make sense with the rest of the home’s decor. Consider your residential painting team as a resource to review color choices with you throughout the process.

How Much Natural Light Does the Room Get?

One of the biggest considerations that homeowners need to keep in mind when choosing a paint color is natural light. If you’re painting a room that receives a lot of natural light, you’ll want to make sure that it doesn’t wash out the color that you pick. Conversely, for a darker room that gets little natural light, you won’t want to go too dark or overly saturated as it can make the room feel even darker. Of course, many people do enjoy a dark room for sleeping, so that consideration can go either way depending on the individual.

If you’re concerned about how the natural light will affect the color, paint a few test patches. This will give you a better sense of what the color will look like before your contractor gets started painting the entire room. If you do opt for test patches, be sure to take a look at them throughout the day. You might love the way the color looks in the evening but find it too garish in the morning light. Fortunately, it’s a fairly straightforward process to adust your paint color before painting. And, when necessary, a room can be repainted.

Does Your Home Have an Overall Design Scheme?

Many homeowners have created a color palette for their entire home. This means that bedroom colors, if not a part of that palette, should at least be complementary. For other homeowners, the bedrooms in their homes are considered private spaces and therefore can be any color. Consider how you want your overall home design to feel and flow before choosing bedroom colors. One solution is to keep the primary and guest bedrooms within the color palette while the kids’ rooms can be the color that they choose. This is an effective way to maintain a balance between public and private spaces.

Most color palettes are composed of three or four colors. There’s the primary or foundation color, a complementary color, and then one or two accent colors. If you have a fairly neutral color palette throughout your home, having a master that’s painted a bright shade could feel jarring. You want to maintain a certain sense of flow throughout the rooms but also create a balance so you don’t feel constrained in your choices. Experimentation with color is always a good thing and a part of the paint selection project that’s always fun and interesting.

Consideration for Furniture, Carpet, and Window Treatments

If you’re painting the bedrooms in your home as a part of a larger remodel project, you’ll have a lot more leeway when it comes to paint colors. For those who are only painting the walls and perhaps updating a few soft items like duvet covers, you’ll have a bit less flexibility. You’ll need to determine which new color works well with the furniture, carpets, and window treatments that are already in place. Consider the tonal qualities of the items that are remaining in place to determine which direction you want to take with the new color. This will help you avoid ending up with a room that’s a mishmash of colors and styles.

Starting from scratch is definitely the easier proposition, but working with what you already have can be fun too. You’ll likely gain a new appreciation for your previous style choices. However, if you find that you’d rather not stick with the furniture, rugs, or window treatments that are currently in place, consider making updates in stages. You can choose a brand new color scheme, paint the walls, and then update the other design elements over time. While this isn’t a quick fix, it will still get you the end result that you desire.

Are You Planning to Sell Your Home Soon?

An upcoming sale is often what spurs homeowners to tackle some painting projects. If you’re painting your bedrooms before listing your home for sale, or you plan to sell your home within a year, you’ll want to really think about your color choices. While you might love a lot of design details and bold colors, you may want to stick to a neutral palette in this situation. You can create a look in your bedrooms that’s neat and tidy using neutrals and soft earth tones. Avoiding paints that are dark or highly saturated if you’re planning to show your house soon may also be a good idea.

Potential buyers like to be able to imagine themselves in any home that they’re considering buying. When your bedrooms have a lot of personality, it could make things difficult. They might think that they’ll have to repaint everything before moving in, an idea that could dissuade them from making an offer on your home. Create a complementary color scheme that works throughout the house and has a good flow. This will make your home appear more spacious and roomy.

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