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Can Paint Really Upgrade the Value of Your Home?

residential exterior painting

If you’re looking to sell your home and want to get the most money possible, it’s important to take steps that make sense for your needs and budget. For instance, you might want to work with residential exterior painting experts that can provide the high-quality support that you need. If you’re unsure of whether this project is worthwhile, read on to learn more about why exterior painting is a smart decision that will improve your home’s overall value.

Yes, Painting Can Improve Your Home Value

There’s a myth that painting your home’s exterior doesn’t provide much value to your home. That’s simply not the case. According to Family Handyman, curb appeal is a real thing, and painting a home can provide real value to its bottom line. The exact improvement will vary considerably depending on your location, the competing listings in your area, the last time your house was painted, and whether or not you want to hire a professional crew to help you.

Put simply, you want to work with a team that fully understands painting and can provide the support that you need. Simply trying to throw on an extra coat or two yourself isn’t going to add much value because you’ll likely make a lot of mistakes that will be hard to fix yourself. Thankfully, there are qualified professionals that should be willing to help you here.

Remember, too, that “increased value” doesn’t always relate specifically to money. According to Windermere Real Estate, a newly painted house will draw more attention than one with an old and drab paint scheme. Even if that doesn’t necessarily make your home worth more cash, it does make it more likely to sell and save you lots of time and headache in the selling process.

Why It Improves Your Home’s Value

Just put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer here to understand why working with a residential exterior painting team is such a smart idea. First, they can improve areas of your home that might need a little touchup, such as damaged paint areas that might affect a home’s value. Furthermore, they can take a deep look at the rest of your home and figure out why paint might be wearing away or spot problematic areas that you might easily miss.

All that extra work is something that a person will appreciate when buying your home. Knowing that there’s a new coat of paint will show that you’ve taken the extra steps other sellers might not have and will definitely impress them. Furthermore, it can make your home more attractive and help it to stand out from other homes in the area. People are often so focused heavily on the look of a home that they’re willing to buy one for more money if it’s attractive.

As a result, it’s important to reach out to a professional who can help you with this process. You don’t want to try to paint your home yourself because you’re likely to make serious mistakes that could decrease the value of your house and make it worth less money. It’s definitely worth it to take the time to talk with a professional who understands your situation and who is willing to provide the high-quality painting help that makes sense for your overall renovation project.

Colors That May Help You

According to House Grail, the most popular colors for home exteriors in 2021 were beige, gray, blue, and white. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to use those colors in your home! That said, it’s important to note that these colors are popular for a reason and that straying outside of what your neighborhood is doing could affect the value of your home. Before delving into the colors you can choose, let’s explain what we mean by that statement.

When properties are evaluated, they’re not just rated based on their intrinsic values. Instead, they’re also compared to their neighbors and the area in general. So if, for example, you decide to go crazy and paint your home pink in an area with a lot of white and gray houses, your home value could suffer because you’re too far outside of what the area considers suitable. That’s a problem that the following color suggestions might be able to help you manage properly.

For example, why is white one of the most popular home colors when it’s so basic and neutral? Well, that’s exactly the reason it’s popular: white fits into just about any color scheme and is a universally popular color in just about any area. As a result, white and more neutral colors like beige, blue, and gray all work well if you just want to fit in with what your neighbors are doing.

Is it impossible to add more exciting colors to your home without throwing off its value? Well, balancing some darker colors, like deep reds and velvets, with lighter accents may work well in creating a home that looks unique without standing apart from others too much. Remember: you want to catch the eye and stand out without looking like an eyesore! Good taste is critical here, which is why it’s so important to work with a painting professional with real experience.

These experts can also help you select unique colors like pastel tones, beige hues, brown variations, and even blues and yellows that may work well for a home. In general, you basically want to avoid any color that could be considered an eyesore by those around you. The hue should fit comfortably into a neighborhood without looking like you’re trying too hard to have a unique look. Confused? Well, take a look at the steps below to work through this process yourself.

How to Pick Colors Properly

Start by always talking with a professional painter first to see what they think you should do. These experts can help you understand what others in your neighborhood are doing and provide feedback on your updates. Typically, they’ll examine the area with you, talk about various hues and tones, discuss their painting process, and make it easier for you to choose the painting techniques that make the most sense for you and provide the proper balance to your house. This process will take a little bit but is more than worth it if you choose the best colors for your house.

Then, these experts will sit down with you and carefully plan an approach that makes sense. For example, they might start by painting a little bit of your house to see how it looks. They may also talk with real estate agents in the area to gauge interest in specific hues and textures. You simply don’t way to try this process alone and should always work with a team of professionals who fully understand what you need and who will do what is necessary to help your home look great.

By taking these steps carefully and working with an expert residential exterior painting team, you can improve your home’s appearance and ensure that its paint is strong and beautiful for years to come. Be sure to reach out to The Oregon Painting Company if you’re interested in getting new paint for your home. We’ll do what we can to help you choose great colors, plan your upgrade successfully, and provide the high-quality support that you need to give your home the look and feel it deserves.

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