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Bright Or Neutral? 6 Interior Paint Color Ideas

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According to IBISWorld, the house painting and decorating contractors industry is worth $17.9 million. Homeowners across the U.S. recognize the value of a fresh coat of paint. If you’re planning to hire professional painters to work on one or more rooms in your home, you may be wondering which colors are best. Whether you’re looking for bright or neutral shades, there are many attractive options to choose from, and it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. If you’re looking for inspiration, consider one of the colors below.

Bright Paint Colors

First, let’s take a look at the best bright colors for interior painting. These hues are ideal for spaces that you want to feel lively and upbeat, such as kitchens or entryways.


Bright red paint can make a space feel dramatic and impressive. Adding a dark accent wall and white accent objects can create a truly stunning room.


Pink can look utterly gorgeous when used in a bright tone, and adding a gold ceiling and brown accent walls can even make this color look masculine.


Tangerine is a unique color choice that can truly brighten a space. Add complementary colors like blue and you’ll create a room that looks truly dramatic.

Neutral Paint Colors

Now we’ll look at some of the top choices for neutral paint colors. These shades can all help to create a calm, subdued, atmosphere in spaces where you like to relax and unwind.

Cozy Gray

Gray comes in many hues, and a room painted in this color can feel sophisticated and airy while also being quite dramatic.

Black and White

Black and white may not be the first options that come to mind when you think of neutral colors, but they can create a striking appearance in any room. Don’t hesitate to try this bold combination.

Creamy Latte

Creamy latte is a warm neutral color that can make a room feel inviting and comforting, making it perfect for a bedroom or living room.

The above are only a few of the many choices professional painters can use to transform your home. If you’re ready to get started on an interior painting project, contact The Oregon Painting Company today to schedule a custom quote. We look forward to working with you!

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