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Are You Experiencing These 5 Signs? It Might Be Time for a Paint Job

According to Forbes, interior painting is considered one of the highest returns on investments, amounting to over 100%. When considering this fact, it shows that this home improvement project is worthwhile, and it’s essential to know when to begin it and contact residential interior painting professionals. To make this decision easy, we’ve highlighted five instances when a new paint job is needed. Review this list and consider if these signs are present in your home.

1. Faded Paint

Fading is a common occurrence that happens in every household. Colors lose their vibrancy when exposed to the sunlight that seeps through the window. In addition to sunlight, paint can fade in color due to low-quality materials, chemical agents, or improper painting techniques. Instances of fading are more prominent with darker shades than lighter ones, but it can happen with any color. Nonetheless, it’s essential to give your home a new paint job to give your space an uplift in vibrant colors.

2. Outdated Aesthetics

Interior design trends are constantly changing. With this considered, your home may have outdated aesthetics due to the paint colors in the space. Since colors impact moods, it’s essential that you intentionally choose colors that match the vibe you want. For a calming ambiance, look for beige, gray, or white. If you want a dramatic vibe, look into a navy blue or dark green.

3. Cracked Paint

Various factors can cause cracking on your painting. Examples of this include high temperatures, surface penetration, and old age. It’s essential to fix this issue quickly and hire a residential interior painting service, as the cracking can attract moisture and pests. Since these issues can rack up a costly bill, you should schedule an appointment with a professional at the earliest sign of cracking.

4. Moisture Issues

If there is moisture in your home, this is a telltale sign that you have weak paint coverage. These moisture spots can soon become the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, resulting in serious health concerns.

5. Blistering & Bubbling

Fluctuating temperatures and old age are the causes of blistering and bubbling. These damages can cause your home to be vulnerable to exterior elements such as weather, dirt, and mold. A paint job can seal up these trouble spots and give you a clean and smooth surface.

Review the list above and consider if your home has any of these issues. If it does, contact our residential interior painting team at The Oregon Painting Company to begin the much-needed improvements in your home!

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