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8 Rooms to Consider Repainting This Year


Taking care of your home requires working with a team of painters who fully understand your needs, but before you get started on a painting project, you need to make a few considerations. For example, you need to choose which rooms deserve a new paint job the most immediately. We’ve compiled a list of eight rooms in your house that we think should get a new coat of paint this year and arranged them in order of importance. Start from the top and work your way down to give your home the look it deserves.

1. Living Room

We’ve placed the living room at the top of this list because it’s typically where most people spend their free time at home. Yes, you’ll be sleeping at night in your bedrooms, using the bathrooms, and preparing meals in the kitchen. However, the living room is where you’ll relax with your family, entertain guests, watch television, and simply unwind after a hard day. Therefore, it’s the first place that you should improve when starting your next big painting project.

When repainting your living room, ask the painters you hire to help you choose colors that calm the mind and relax your nerves, such as yellow, white, and blue. These neutral tones are easy to integrate into a variety of different living room designs and can make the space more comfortable. However, you can also try more vibrant colors, like red, to give your living room a little more excitement.

2. Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and for good reason. It’s essential to have a comfortable and energizing space where you can prepare delicious, nourishing meals for yourself and your family. With the wrong color scheme, it’s easy to feel demotivated and view cooking as a chore, but choosing uplifting colors can help ensure the proper mood for this space.

Many families also prefer to eat in the kitchen rather than the dining room, making it even more critical for this room to have the perfect design. If you like to share meals in your kitchen, interior painters can help you choose a color scheme that will foster openness and pleasant conversation when everyone gathers in this space.

3. Bedrooms

Next, go to each of your bedrooms and choose a color scheme that you think will make them attractive. Note that you don’t necessarily have to choose a new color scheme if you already like the one you’ve used. That said, it’s important to carefully think about the mood of each bedroom and how the paint you choose will affect it. After all, you’ll spend at least eight hours or more in your bedroom every day and deserve a space that’s comfortable and relaxing for your sleep.

Try to pick neutral or calming colors, like green or brown, to help soothe the mind before sleep. Naturally, everybody reacts to colors differently, so make sure that you choose according to each person’s taste. In this way, you can produce looks that meet their needs.

4. Bathrooms

According to Statista, the painting industry is predicted to hit an approximate value of $33.4 billion by the end of 2023. A big part of this industry’s increase in worth is its ability to provide unique design options for a variety of different spaces. For example, you can work with professional painters to upgrade your bathroom and make it more attractive.

Bathrooms can be a lot of fun to redecorate, and many people add in pink, red, purple, and other colors to make these spaces more fun. Try to mix in whites and grays to brighten up the room a little as well. In this way, you can give your bathrooms a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

5. Dining Rooms

The dining room is one of the most important rooms to consider painting because it’s one of the most common areas where you and your family spend time together. It’s vital to find highly skilled painters who can help you revitalize this space and produce a more attractive and engaging style that will help it stand out from other homes.

Paint your dining room as you would your living room or bedrooms. You typically want to produce soothing tones and hues that relax the mind and avoid excitement. This way, you can create a calming space to wind down and enjoy a good meal.

6. Entryways

The first room that people see when they come to your house is the entryway, which can include a place for shoes, coats, and much more. These areas should be repainted regularly because they’re often in more demand than you might think. People tend to come through these areas multiple times a day when leaving for work or school, arriving back home, or letting visitors inside.

Try to add welcoming colors that make people glad they came to visit you, such as brown, orange, and purple. These hues naturally relax the mind but also spark a little excitement.

7. Hallways

While you might not think of your hallways as their own rooms, they’re definitely important areas to keep in great shape. These are transitional spaces that set the mood when you walk from one room to another. They also get a lot of traffic throughout the day, so it’s important to give them the right aesthetic.

Hallways typically don’t have window access (though that may vary depending on the house), so make sure that you add light colors here. Yellow is particularly nice because it catches artificial light and intensifies it for a brighter appearance. White also works well in these areas, particularly if you’ve used it elsewhere in a home.

8. Sitting Areas

What’s the difference between a living room and a sitting room? For the purpose of this article, we’re defining a living room as a shared area where you and others sit, relax, and talk about your day. You might even watch television or play games in these rooms. By contrast, a sitting room is usually more like an old-fashioned den, where you can relax by yourself, listen to music, or even read. These areas often provide a high level of comfort and deserve a paint scheme similar to your living room to look great for years to come.

For example, using various lighter colors, like blue and gray, might make your sitting room feel cozier. However, you can also add brighter and more vivid colors to make this space more exciting. The choice should depend on what kind of atmosphere you want to set in your sitting room.

Have you decided which spaces in your home you’re ready to repaint? Working with the right painters can help ensure the interior painting experience goes as smoothly as possible for you. Skilled professionals can help you choose the ideal colors for any room by considering factors like your home’s overall layout, the style of the rest of the rooms, and your personal design preferences. If you’re looking for a top-tier painting team to help you transform any part of your home, contact The Oregon Painting Company today to learn more about our services and schedule a custom quote. We look forward to working with you!

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