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7 Qualities to Look for in Commercial Painters

If you own or run a commercial business, you must take the necessary steps to keep your residential property updated. One of the main ways to upkeep any property is by regular painting services. Between 2020 and 2030, employment of painters is projected to grow 5%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. You have many commercial painters to choose from and have to choose wisely to ensure you get the best contractor for the job. Here are qualities to look for in commercial painters

1. Solid Reputation

A commercial painter’s reputation matters. As you narrow down choices, get referrals. It’s important to see what other companies have said about the work of these commercial painters. You want assurance that the painters can work in a professional setting and respect the work that’s going on. Ask about their reliability, expertise, and overall quality of their work. Plus, it’s always good to hear direct feedback from another client that has worked with them. If commercial painters hesitate to give you direct referrals to other clients, that could be a red flag they may not have the experience they claim, or they may have bad blood with a former customer.

Don’t forget to utilize the advantage of social media reviews. These can be incredibly telling, as they offer an informed perspective from someone who has already worked with them. Pay attention to what clients have said about the commercial painters’ quality of work and other qualities you’re looking for.

The Better Business Bureau is a great website to check the reputation of a potential contractor. Also known as the BBB, this organization keeps track of any outstanding complaints a company has against them. They provide a letter rating ranging from A to F. They also note if the commercial painter is officially registered with the Better Business Bureau. Most legitimate companies will be registered with the organization, so if they’re not, that can also be a bad sign.

2. Expertise

You should never doubt the expertise of commercial painters that you hire. Ask to see proof of work that they’ve done before by weight of a portfolio. When you talk to Referrals, you’ll also get a client view of the level of expertise the contractor has. During the consultation, you should ask the painters questions about how long they’ve been in business and the type of painting techniques they use. They should be able to advise you on color considerations. After all, since they work with paint, they understand color theory and color matching. So they can help you pick the right color and finish for your commercial design.

3. Communication

Painting companies should practice good communication with their customers. After all, if there are any issues with the project, you should be comfortable contacting the company, knowing you’ll get a response immediately. Even if you don’t get someone on the phone right away, you should rest assured they’ll return your phone call, email, or text correspondence in a reasonable amount of time. They should be just as communicative if you speak with them in person. Regarding communication, you should be able to ask them as many questions as necessary throughout your painting project.

4. Fair Pricing

Make sure that the commercial painters deliver fair pricing for their work. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous contractors can try to take advantage of clients by overcharging them or assuming that they don’t understand how to check for fair pricing. As you’re deciding on contractors, it’s a good idea to get at least three quotes. Getting quotes from three different commercial painters can help you compare pricing with the amount of services they offer, how much experience they have, and how quickly they can get the project done.

You should also understand that a commercial painter who’s been in the business longer than others may charge a little bit more, especially if they’re in high demand. Any reputable contractor should be very transparent with their pricing, so they shouldn’t hesitate to offer your company a written estimate of their painting services before work begins.

5. Time Management

Can you imagine waiting around for your commercial painters to show up because they’re chronically late? The last thing you want is a contractor that can’t manage their time well. That’s why it’s essential to sit down and thoroughly go over the project timeline before you decide on a contractor. They should be aware of any project time goals that your company has. For example, if your company is shut down during Christmas week, you may want your paint job done before then so you could start the New Year’s with a new building revamp. Management also means being on time for meetings or calls. So if you have meetings scheduled with the painting contractors and they constantly don’t show up or they’re late, that could be a red flag that they may not be reliable.

6. Courteousness

While you don’t need commercial painters to be your best friend, you still want to deal with people who have enough friendliness and customer service skills to navigate your commercial property. If they’re working on your property, they will likely be around other people on your staff or even clientele. So you don’t want rude contractors that may be unprofessional in your workplace and turn other people off.

That courteousness isn’t just in terms of how they speak to people, but also in other behaviors. For example, do the commercial painters have a habit of smoking in the building when they shouldn’t? Do they have a habit of not cleaning up behind themselves on their lunch break? Do they sometimes have very loud, inappropriate conversations within earshot of people working in the building? Do they have other inappropriate interactions with people nearby? The contractors you hire can help represent your business and as a result, can either aid or damage your reputation. So make sure you hire people who know how to behave around others.

7. Professionalism

Last but not least, the commercial painters you hire should exude professionalism from start to finish. That professionalism can be in terms of their business correspondence, business cards, uniforms, reliable contact information, and cleanliness. Do they do the necessary follow-up after a meeting? Do they sometimes send out reminders to double-check about a meeting going on that day? Once the work is complete, do they also have a follow-up survey to see if you are satisfied with the work and if you have any feedback about their work and service?

As you can see, there are many qualities your company should look for before hiring commercial painters to revamp your interior or exterior paintwork. Check out the company’s reputation, pricing practices, level of professionalism, communication, and proof of expertise. Remember, your commercial property is just as important to your business reputation as your products and services.

You want to hire the right contractor who can help represent your company while they’re there, as well as deliver the quality work you’re paying them for. To ensure you get the professional and high-quality painting work that you deserve, contact our company. Our painters have been in the business for years and we understand your commercial needs, so call The Oregon Painting Company for a consultation today. Our commercial painters are here to help!

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