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2023 Paint Trends to Try This Summer

interior house painting

If you’re considering interior house painting, it’s smart to take a moment to consider the latest trends and styles. There are so many options when it comes to painting that it may feel overwhelming at first. However, by working with professional painting companies, you can gain valuable industry insights and also catch up on the latest trends.

The demand for interior painting is on the rise. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for painters will grow by roughly 5% from 2020 to 2030. The best painting companies strive to train each painter in the latest practices and design approaches to produce the best possible results. When you work with a qualified painter, they can help you implement any of the following trends flawlessly.

Establish a Natural Vibe

Many people love spending time in nature. Close your eyes and envision some of your favorite green spaces. What colors come to mind? While the answer will vary from individual to individual, many will think of greens, blues, and rustic browns. Many of the most popular paint shades are colors like these that are common in nature. By selecting the right paint colors, you can give your indoor spaces a natural, outdoorsy feel.

Create Peachy Spaces

While neutral tones like beiges and grays offer timeless appeal, many folks are looking to shake things up. Peach has become a popular color because it offers a warm look without being overpowering. Peach can be a great choice for bedrooms, among other spaces.

Enjoy the Dark Side

Lighter colors have been quite popular over the last several years. However, in 2023, many folks are selecting darker colors for their interior house painting projects. Using shades like eggplant and navy enables homeowners to craft a unique, eye-catching space.

Warm Up the Neutrals

Neutral colors are a great choice for just about any room. More specifically, many people are opting for warmer neutral tones. Gray spaces can feel a bit cool, whereas many beiges and tans offer a warming vibe while still remaining relatively neutral.

Mix Warm and Cool Tones

Are you having trouble deciding whether you prefer warm or cool colors for a room? Why not try using a combination of the two by implementing an accent wall? This way, you can make both colors stand out more, drawing the eye where desired.

Not sure what color to choose for a room in your home? The professionals at The Oregon Painting Company can help you find the perfect shades for your desired aesthetic. Contact us today to learn more about our interior house painting services.

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